Questions for 2018 Colorado Political Candidates

Colorado Citizens for Science, along with Denver March for Science and the Boulder Pod of 500 Women Scientists have endorsed the following list of six science questions to be submitted to political candidates, debate monitors, and as questions that could be asked from the audience by group members at political forums:

  1. Anthropogenic climate change (global warming) will have serious, deleterious effects on Colorado. How will you support Colorado’s communities in their efforts to deal with the impacts of climate change? How will you reduce the risks of future warming? Please be specific.
  2. Given the health and environmental harm that oil and gas operations can pose to surrounding areas, how will you ensure that the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission keeps the environment, public health, and safety as their top priority?
  3. Do you think it is possible for Colorado to meet 100 percent of its energy needs with renewable sources by 2040? Will you support the accelerated deployment of renewable energy in Colorado to ensure that we meet this goal? Will you ensure that we modernize our electricity grid to better accommodate the transition to clean energy?
  4. Given the importance of federally funded science on Colorado’s economy, public well being, and environmental quality, how would you support and protect continued investment in science and technology innovation and research.
  5. How will you ensure that all students, not just STEM majors, get good science educations and understand the importance of evidence? How will you train teachers to ensure that they are teaching science appropriately?
  6. To help prevent projected water shortages in the next ten years, will you support a tax increase to fund projects that would increase water supplies? Will you support mandatory year-round watering restrictions and/or limits on planting in new housing developments as part of a plan to save more water?